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Freightliner Trucks is an American manufacturer of heavy duty class 8 trucks, as well as class 5 to 7 trucks. The company was first established in 1942 when Freightways Manufacturing changed its name to Freightliner, after it successfully built and rolled from production heavy trucks with ample power to climb steep mountain in the western United States. The trucks were branded “Freightliners”, hence the new company’s name.

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During World War II truck manufacturing was suspended to give way to building war materials. Manufacturing only resumed in 1947 after the Freightliner facility was moved to Portland, Oregon. Lacking distribution channels, Freightliner entered into an agreement with White Motor Company to sell its trucks to a wider market in the US and Canada, but the contract later ended in the 1974 after White Motor became troubled. During those times however, Freighliner produced notable truck models, including WF64, the first overhead sleeper, in 1953, the WFT5366 AWD Cane Hauler in 1964, the WFHT6288 half-cab in 1965, and its flagship 600 hp Powerliner in 1973.

Freightliner truck parts introduced its first conventional model immediately after its partnership with White Motors ended in 1974. Conventionals during that time were popular because of its convenient ingress/egress as well as easy access to its engine for servicing. In 1982, the Surface Transportation Assistance Act standardized truck size and weight limits for traffic on Interstate Highways. The deregulation ushered in competition and as a result Freightliner sold its truck manufacturing division and the Freightliner brand to Daimler-Benz in 1981.



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