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Freightliner Century truck tractors are high-tech long-haul trucks designed to operate at long distances. The use of lightweight durable alloys in the creation of the body allowed to reduce the weight of the machine itself, as well as to increase its carrying capacity, aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

Freightliner century

When developing the Century series, Freightliner engineers sought to create a truck with an increased operational period, as well as to simplify its maintenance. For example, for ease of inspection and repair of the engine hood opens 90 °. A diagnostic system has been introduced: many sensors collect information on the operation of systems and individual units. Health data is transmitted on the dashboard display in real time.

Spare parts for trucks Freightliner Century in stock and on order in the online catalog AGA Parts

The American company AGA Parts is a supplier of high-quality spare parts for special cargo equipment manufactured in the USA. Working in this direction since 1994, today we offer customers from different countries competitive prices and our own guarantees of compatibility for components of proven quality.

The extensive online catalog of AGA Parts is a multipage list of Freightliner Century unique partner numbers, which in a matter of seconds you can find and order on the site:

  • spare parts for diesel engines Cummins and Detroit Disel (crankshafts, flywheels, pumps, turbines);
  • components for mechanical transmissions (cardan and outboard shafts, friction discs, drive belts);
  • steering components;
  • details of the front and rear axles of the chassis (axle shafts, gearboxes, hubs, brake grilles, steering knuckles);
  • suspension parts of spring and pneumatic types;
  • elements of the fuel unit and brake system;
  • details of the innovative self-adjusting clutch complex;
  • spare parts for cooling systems, filtration, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • fuse blocks, sensors;
  • fasteners.

Spare parts for trucks Freightliner Century can be purchased from stock or available on request. Actual information on this issue is available from AGA Parts managers.