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Genuine parts for Caterpillar engines: AGA Parts range

AGA Parts specializes in local and international supplies of spare parts for Cat engines. Caterpillar is one of the key brands for our company, so we offer genuine engine parts at reasonable prices.

The range of the AGA Parts online catalog includes thousands of part numbers, by which you can quickly find the necessary parts and assemblies for Caterpillar engines on our website. Available from stock or on order;

Caterpillar CYLINDER HEADS Assembly

1659999 Caterpillar CYL HEAD ASPrice
3812577 Caterpillar CYL HEAD ASPrice
2237263 Caterpillar CYL HEAD ASPrice
3446150 Caterpillar CYL HEAD ASPrice
1105097 Caterpillar CYL HEAD ASPrice
10R2014 Caterpillar CYL HEAD ASPrice
1430043 Caterpillar CYL HEAD ASPrice
1154164 Caterpillar CYL HEAD ASPrice

Caterpillar VALVES

3944400 Caterpillar VALVE-EXPrice
1152367 Caterpillar VALVE-EXPrice
1220321 Caterpillar VALVE-EXPrice
9T7419 Caterpillar VALVE GPPrice
1753184 Caterpillar VALVE GPPrice
10R2014 Caterpillar VALVE-BYPAPrice
1582336 Caterpillar VALVE-GASPrice
9T2238 Caterpillar VALVE ASPrice

Caterpillar CROWN

1442948 Caterpillar CROWN AS-PSTPrice
1456700 Caterpillar CROWN ASPrice
1504621 Caterpillar CROWN AS-PISPrice
1077545 Caterpillar CROWN ASPrice

Caterpillar connecting RODS

0R0916 Caterpillar ROD AS-CONNPrice
2631852 Caterpillar ROD AS-CONNPrice
2302516 Caterpillar ROD AS-CONNPrice
10R2117 Caterpillar ROD AS-CONNPrice
1280390 Caterpillar BEARING-RODPrice
1280391 Caterpillar BEARING-RODPrice

Caterpillar PISTONS

1168154 Caterpillar PISTON ASPrice
1646560 Caterpillar PISTON BODYPrice
1723280 Caterpillar BODY ASPrice
1973765 Caterpillar BODY AS-PISTPrice
1923896 Caterpillar BODY ASPrice
1737674 Caterpillar PISTON GPPrice

Caterpillar CRANKSHAFT

1527625 Caterpillar CRANKSHAFT APrice
1935845 Caterpillar CRANKSHAFT APrice
1W5009 Caterpillar CRANKSHAFT APrice
2133202 Caterpillar CRANKSHAFT APrice
1286788 Caterpillar CRANKSHAFT APrice
1536508 Caterpillar CRANKSHAFTPrice
0859513 Caterpillar PINPrice


2064231 Caterpillar GEAR ASPrice
2078213 Caterpillar GEAR ASPrice
3615595 Caterpillar GEAR-CRANKPrice
2827955 Caterpillar GEAR-CRANKSHPrice
2512305 Caterpillar GEAR AdapterPrice
1878972 Caterpillar GEAR-CRANKSHPrice

    Crankshafts for Caterpillar Engines(Table)

    Crankshafts for Caterpillar Engines (Table 01)

    Crankshafts for Caterpillar Engines(Table 02)

    Piston KITS Caterpillar Engines(Table)

    Piston KITS Caterpillar Engines (parts list)

    Piston KITS Caterpillar Engines (parts list 02)

    Cylinder Head Gaskets

    Cylinder Head Gaskets ( Caterpillar. Parts numbers List)

    Today, about 30 series of Cat engines are produced with the Caterpillar logo (including the C7, C9, C10, C12, C15, C16, C18 series), which are installed in:

    • excavators;
    • bulldozers;
    • loading equipment;
    • trucks and dump trucks;
    • crushers and mining machinery;
    • some models of sea transport;
    • industrial equipment.