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Genuine spare parts and repair kits for Caterpillar hydraulic pumps at competitive prices at AGA Parts

Organization of local and international supplies of hydraulic Pumps and Motors spare parts for Caterpillar is one of the key areas of work for AGA Parts. We offer genuine Cat pumps parts and a certified aftermarket to customers in 140 countries, ensuring competitive pricing across our entire online catalog.

Hydraulic Pumps Caterpillar

1003259 Caterpillar PUMPPrice
1057281 Caterpillar PUMPPrice
1094197 Caterpillar PUMPPrice
1140490 Caterpillar PUMPPrice
1140602 Caterpillar PUMPPrice
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Hydraulic Motors Caterpillar

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Hydraulic Pumps and Motors parts Caterpillar

0813698 Caterpillar BEARINGPrice
0990149 Caterpillar COUPLINGPrice
0874783 Caterpillar CYLINDERPrice
1003402 Caterpillar BEARINGPrice
1003566 Caterpillar PISTON Price
1006241 Caterpillar COUPLINGPrice
1044820 Caterpillar PANEL ASPrice
1051648 Caterpillar BEARINGPrice

If you did not find what you were looking for, please use the search form on our website and indicate the exact part number of the required Caterpillar Hydraulic Pumps or Caterpillar Motors. You can also find in our catalog the necessary aftermarket spare part or repair kit for the maintenance and repair of your Caterpillar Hydraulic Pumps and Motors.

Reliable spare parts for Caterpillar hydraulic pumps can be purchased from stock or on order.

  • pistons;
  • hydraulic pump cylinder blocks;
  • couplings, bushings;
  • mounting flanges;
  • sealing elements, safety valves;
  • temperature and pressure sensors;
  • high pressure hoses;
  • hydraulic filters;
  • fasteners (bolts, brackets);
  • repair kits for hydraulic pumps.

Caterpillar hydraulic pumps are capable of generating pressures up to 700 bar even under difficult conditions. Hydraulic pumps are developed taking into account the method of hydrostatic balancing, which allows for a long period of uninterrupted operation. High wear resistance is achieved by reinforcing the body and shafts.

Cat hydraulic pumps are built and tested to meet the performance requirements of specific construction and material handling equipment.

AGA Parts guarantees the high quality, operational safety and full compatibility of every spare part ordered.

Caterpillar Hydraulic PISTON Pump Parts

Caterpillar Hydraulic Piston Pump Parts 01

Caterpillar Hydraulic Piston Pump Parts 02