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Filters are designed to prevent clogging of the engine, fuel, hydraulic and air systems. The best level of purification of key components is guaranteed only by original filtration equipment. Caterpillar Filters are engineered without compromise to provide long-term protection for your machinery.

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On the AGA Parts website, you can quickly find and order original Caterpillar filters at a low price:

CAT filters in various Effeciency levels

  • Standard efficiency: cost-effective solution for normal equipment use. These filters provide reliable filtration of contaminants for clean, debris-free oil between changes.
  • Advanced efficiency: extra contamination control without limiting the dirt-containing capacity. Use them with newer equipment that has stricter emissions requirements.
  • Ultra-high efficiency: maximum contamination control. Use with heavy-use applications or when operating equipment in dirty or dusty environments.

Caterpillar Air Filters

4177950 FILTER AIRRequest A Price
4188146 FILTER AIRRequest A Price
4177949 FILTER AIRRequest A Price
1491912 FILTER-AIRRequest A Price
7T1890 FILTER-AIR Request A Price


Caterpillar Air Filters (partnumbers 01)

Caterpillar Air Filters (partnumbers 02)

Caterpillar Air Filters (partnumbers 03)

Caterpillar Air Filters (partnumbers 04)

Caterpillar Oil Filters

4416852 FILTER OILRequest A Price
1R1808 FILTER OILRequest A Price
1r0716 FILTER OILRequest A Price
7w2326 FILTER OILRequest A Price
1R1807 FILTER OILRequest A Price
3776969 FILTER OILRequest A Price
2201523 FILTER OILRequest A Price
2492347 FILTER OILRequest A Price
1r0726 ELEMENTRequest A Price
5000483 ELEMENTRequest A Price

Caterpillar Oil Filters (partnumbers 01)

Caterpillar Fuel Filters

1R0749 FUEL FILTERRequest A Price
1R0762 FUEL FILTERRequest A Price
1R0755 FUEL FILTERRequest A Price
1R0751 FUEL FILTERRequest A Price
4165884 FUEL FILTERRequest A Price
1R0750 FUEL FILTERRequest A Price
2998229 FUEL FILTERRequest A Price
3089679 FUEL FILTERRequest A Price
4165884 FUEL FILTERRequest A Price
3608960 ELEMENTRequest A Price

Caterpillar Fuel Filters Partnumbers 01

AGA Parts is an international supplier of proven quality spare parts for world brands of special equipment, among which Caterpillar is our priority. We supply Genuine Cat Parts primarily on order. Since Caterpillar filters are categorized as frequently replaced equipment, the most popular models are in stock and ready to ship.

Favorable terms of cooperation with AGA Parts include:

  • wide range;
  • competitive prices;
  • Organizing delivery to 140 countries.

To order the necessary Caterpillar filter, just indicate its part number in the feedback form on our website. Applications for delivery or pricing are accepted automatically and processed by AGA Parts managers.