Wirtgen Group Slipform Paver Parts | AGA Parts

Wirtgen Group pavers are designed to create coatings for runways and highways. More than a dozen models of the SP series have been developed for precise, even and durable styling.

Wirtgen Group pavers with side-sliding form allow you to create a monolithic profile with a thickness of 1.30 to 2 m and a width of 1.8 to 2.4 m. The sliding side form is equipped with submersible hydraulic and electric vibrators, which provide uniform packing density.

Sliding mold pavers for continuous flat pavement are a kind of mini road construction plants. Heavy machines of the Wirtgen Group form a smooth cement concrete slab with a width of 1 to 16 m. Some models have an automatic tab for anchors and dowels.

Such high-tech equipment requires timely maintenance and scheduled repairs. Analog and genuine parts for the Wirtgen Group pavers are available at a competitive price from AGA Parts.

Spare parts for Wirtgen Group pavers of world quality: offer from AGA Parts

Our company is an international supplier of components for special equipment. Our online catalog contains thousands of component parts for Wirtgen Group concrete pavers, including:

  • parts for belt or screw conveyor;
  • accessories to the hinged sliding form;
  • elements of screw or plow distributors;
  • Parts for electric and hydrovibrators.

Since working tools are subject to early wear, spare parts for them are usually available from authorized dealers of the brand. Other components may require delivery on request.

Contact AGA Parts is also worth it if you are looking for replacement parts for the overhaul of Wirtgen Group pavers, for example:

  • Money nodes and units for engines;
  • components of the suspension and steering;
  • turning mechanisms;
  • parts for hydraulics;
  • equipment to the security system.

AGA Parts will help in a short time to find the necessary parts that meet the quality and technological regulations. In addition to all spare parts, we give our own guarantee of absolute compatibility with the device of a concrete model of the Wirtgen Group paver.