Takeuchi Compact Excavator parts

The popularity of Takeuchi’s compact and environmentally friendly technology is proportional to the growing density of urban populations. More than 40 models and modifications of mini-excavators of the TB series are used for laying communications, digging trenches, effectively replacing the manual labor of an entire team of workers.

The main advantage of Takeuchi mini-excavators is the ability to change track tracks: the increased distance between the tracks significantly increases stability, the reduced width allows the machine to confidently pass in cramped corridors and streets. The effectiveness of Takeuchi mini-excavators provides not only an extensive selection of attachments, but also 2 production options for track chains (made from metal and thick rubber).

Long-life spare parts for Takeuchi compact excavators with full compatibility guarantee from AGA Parts

Takeuchi mini excavators are valued for their reliability, safety and quality assembly. These advantages are not worth the risk when carrying out a scheduled repair or replacement of outdated parts. Original and analog parts with quality assurance and 100% compatibility can be ordered from AGA Parts.

Our online catalog contains a lot of unique partner numbers, which can be quickly and accurately selected:

  • spare parts hydraulics (motors, pumps, pistons, valves, sets of tubes);
  • elements of attachments;
  • crankshafts and camshafts, cylinder blocks, generators, sleeves, piston rings, flywheels and other components of diesel engines;
  • gearboxes, stroke engines and other transmission devices;
  • spare parts for steering mechanisms;
  • components to tracked undercarriage;
  • details of the fuel and exhaust units;
  • elements of cooling equipment;
  • fuel, air, oil filters;
  • fastener details.

Spare parts for Takeuchi mini excavators are supplied from stock and on order. Before shipping, every part is checked at AGA Parts for compliance with operational standards. The organization of postal or transport delivery is carried out in any city in the world.