AGA Parts company trades in spare parts for Epiroc grab buckets that are made to order. You can find the descriptions of the parts in our online catalog. The auto search function allows finding the required spare part in a heartbeat. Just enter the part number for the spare part that you need and in a few seconds, you will see it on your screen. You can add the following spare parts to the cart:

  • Countersunk hexagon screws;
  • Check-nuts;
  • Sealing elements;
  • Hydro cylinder and hydro motor components;
  • Hydraulic and connecting hoses;
  • Safety valves;
  • Rotator components;
  • Ferrules;
  • Spring rings;
  • Rolling bearings;
  • Clamping rings;
  • Fittings;
  • Plugs;
  • Side cover plates;
  • Lubrication cartridges and nipples;
  • Repair kits.

You are welcome to request a price quote from us by filling out our feedback form. We accept the requests at any time of the day and we process them within 24 hours. As soon as AGA Parts managers understand your needs, they will send a price quote to your email address. You will also be informed about the delivery terms and conditions. Please discuss the following issues with our specialists:

  • The total order value that will include the cost of the spare parts and the cost of delivery;
  • The exact terms of delivery and the transportation methods.

AGA Parts offers competitive prices for Epiroc spare parts and we provide for their fast delivery to wherever you need them. With our assistance, you can repair your machinery in a fast and economical manner.

Technical characteristics of Epiroc grab buckets

Epiroc manufactures 13 models of grab buckets able to grab from 0.02 to 1.6 m3 of load. The jaws of the buckets are made of HARDOX steel, which makes them durable heavy-duty instruments. The perforation improves the visibility of the working area for the machine operator. The instruments can be positioned with high precision thanks to the hydraulic rotation mechanisms allowing rotation at 360 degrees. Secure grabbing is provided for with the help of two powerful hydro cylinders that hold the load tight.

The tempered chrome-plated cylinder rods protect them from damages. These characteristics make it possible to use the Epiroc grab buckets for the following purposes:

  • Demolition of light concrete and wooden structures;
  • Sorting and loading the debris.

Grabbing thin elements is simplified by the synchronous closing of the jaws.