You can find Epiroc spare parts for the rotator heads used in auger drilling at AGA Parts website. The following spare parts can be made to order:

  • Spare parts for the radial-type reciprocating motor;
  • Drive shafts;
  • Ferrules;
  • Bearings;
  • Plungers;
  • Nipples;
  • Fastening elements;
  • Sealing elements.

Finding the necessary spare part in the online catalog is easy if you use the part number. You have to indicate the part number when ordering it from us too. Please make use of our feedback form to learn about our prices and receive a price quote from us to your email address. We supply spare parts for drilling machinery to 140 countries around the world. AGA Parts seeks to make every client happy by offering the following advantages:

  • A wide range of spare parts for auger drilling equipment;
  • Affordable prices for genuine Eporic spare parts for the rotator heads;
  • Fast delivery of the parts to your location;
  • Instant customer support.

You can acquire detailed information about our products and services by contacting an AGA Parts manager. We accept online orders and requests for price quotes around-the-clock. We process all orders and requests within 24 hours.

The characteristics of Epiroc rotator heads used in auger drilling

The Epiroc product line contains 7 rotator models that can be used for drilling soil and soft rock to the depth of 3.5 to 8 meters. A universal adapter allows installing any of the rotators on a machine that weighs between 3 and 50 tons. The compact body makes the rotator easy to use and the lubrication free bearing assembly makes it ready for work at any time.

The auger driving gear is based on the Drum Cutter technology used by Epiroc. Different auger drill rotator heads are designed to work in the following types of soil:

  • Ploughable soil, unsteady soil;
  • Soft soil and medium-hard soil;
  • Heavy-textured soil and solid rocks.

The rotary piston engine gives the Epiroc auger drills from 40.49 to 217.54 horsepower. The nominal rotation speed is 11 to 40 rotations per minute, and the maximum torque is 3,120 to 33,500 N/m.