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High-quality ZF spare parts in the AGA Parts online catalog

AGA Parts is an American company that supplies genuine spare parts certified aftermarket for 90 brands of heavy machinery. Our online catalog contains ZF spare parts that are made to order. AGA Parts offers the following benefits to its clients:

  • Competitive prices;
  • Delivery of the spare parts to any place in the world.

Please use the ZF part numbers in the catalogue to find and order the spare part that you need. The range of spare parts includes the following ones:

  • Transmission, suspension, and freight transport safety system components;
  • Chassis and drive gear components for graders, excavators, frontal and telescoping pallet loaders, harvesters, and tractors;
  • Power unit components for mobile cranes and other special-purpose machinery;
  • Steering system components for fork lift loaders;
  • Braking system parts and elements;
  • Running gear, front and rear axle components.

ZF Corporation is a world leader in the production of drive gear, suspension, and safety systems for heavy machinery. The company has 230 production sites in 40 different countries. Every year, ZF spends 6% of its profit on research and development that is aimed at bringing the road safety to the highest level and providing for zero emission of harmful substances into the environment. The parts produced by ZF are used in:

  • Trucks;
  • Construction and agricultural machines;
  • Lift cranes;
  • Special-purpose loaders.

ZF parts and devices allow the machines not only to work efficiently but also ‘think’ rationally and offer simple solutions of complicated tasks.

AGA Parts Warranty

Our company has its own quality control department. It allows us to guarantee each customer reliability and full correspondence of spare parts with a specific model of equipment.
AGA parts Company deals with reliable and trusted suppliers directly, it gives an opportunity to offer competitive prices for both big companies and individuals.
Taking into consideration the necessity of prompt delivery, we always try do our best so that you can receive your orders in a timely manner. Close cooperation with different delivery services helps us to deliver parts globally to any city in the world.