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Waukesha Gas Engine Parts & Gas Enginator Parts

See how much you can save on your next Waukesha gas engine parts order with AGA Parts. Whether you are in need of Waukesha gas engine parts or Waukesha gas enginator parts, AGA Parts has millions of parts available to order and ready to ship to your location. We work with businesses and companies that use Waukesha engines and are their sole replacement parts provider. Call us today for a free quote on Waukesha parts.

Founded in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1906, Waukesha Motor Company was initially an independent supplier of different types of engines, including gasoline, diesel, multifuel and propane, to various truck, tractor, heavy equipment, automobile, boat, ship, and engine-generator manufacturers. It bought Climax Engineering in 1957, a manufacturer of large engine equipments. Waukesha was subsequently acquired by the Bangor-Punta Corporation in 1968. Waukesha sold its Climax Division to the Arrow Engine Company in 1973, and the following year Waukesha itself was sold to Dresser Industries, which was later acquired by GE Energy in 2010.

Today, Waukesha continues as a brand under GE Energy and features large reciprocating engines sold by its parent company. Waukesha engines are popularly known for its large internal combustion engines suitable for a wide variety of industrial uses, including engines that burn natural gas to run large generators in public establishments such as hospitals. No matter what gas enginator or gas engine parts you need for your Waukesha engine, contact AGA Parts today to receive a free quote on genuine Waukesha parts.


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