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Buy Volvo truck parts and Volvo construction parts online from AGA Parts for high quality replacement parts at the best prices. AGA Parts works with businesses and distributors from around the world to provide the largest inventory of Volvo parts at the lowest prices. We ship parts anywhere in the world and offer high quality service. Call or message us today to get a free quote for genuine and aftermarket Volvo contruction parts.

Volvo Truck and Construction is a global manufacturer of construction equipment such as tractors, backhoe loaders, steam rollers, motor graders, wheel loaders, articulated haulers, and forestry equipment. It was first established in 1832 in a machine shop in Eskilstuna, Sweden by Theofron Munktell to develop the local machine industry. Through Munktell’s technical ingenuity, he was able to create many groundbreaking designs such as Sweden’s first locomotive, Sweden’s first mechanical, loom, Sweden’s first harvester, and more. Theofron died in 1887.

When Munktell quit the Stockholm Royal Mint to move to Eskilstuna, he was replaced by brothers Jean and Carl Gerhard Bolinder, who established Kungsholmens Gjuteri & Maskin Verkstad in Stockholm in 1844. The brothers had their own manufacturing milestones, including building Sweden’s first combustion engine and participation in in the design of the world’s first functional armed submarine. Carl Gerhard died in 1893 and Jean followed in 1899.

100 years later, in 1932, the Great Depression in the USA led to the Kreuger crash in Sweden. To save assets within the engineering industry, the bank Handelsbanken merged Munktell’s and Bolinders’ companies to form AB Bolinder-Munktell. Volvo acquired AB Bolinder-Munktell, and in 1995, following Volvo’s purchase of American manufacturer Clark Equipment’s shares in VME Group, established the Volvo Construction Equipment.



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