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The Volvo VNL670 is a conventional sleeper truck with exceptional fuel efficiency, dependability, and industry-leading safety. It has a spacious 61" sleeper, a standard 12-speed transmission, and can be outfitted with engines with power ranging from 355 - 550 hp and up to 2,050 ft-lb torque. The wedged-shaped hood, sculpted headlights, recessed door handles, streamlined sun visors, and even the sleek hood mirrors, are designed to reduce wind resistance and maximize fuel economy.

Much like the VNL670, Volvo's VNL64T670 is a heavy duty truck designed for rough haul and transportation business. It comes with a Cummins ISX15 engine churning out a powerful 400-550 hp and a maximum torque of 1850 ft-lb, aerodynamic design, and a standard I-Shift 12 speed transmission. It also features a 61" sleeper with contoured seat cushions, power air lumbar, and front/back slide options.

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