Spare parts for Volvo dump trucks

AGA Parts offers quality aftermarket and original spare parts for Volvo dump trucks. Reliable accessories at affordable prices are available on request. The following categories are included in the range of the AGA Parts single online catalog:

  • spare parts of the cylinder-piston group;
  • camshafts, crankshafts, cardan crosses;
  • hubs, bushings, bearings, gears;
  • silent blocks, pivots;
  • epiploons, anthers;
  • limiters, fuses;
  • steering parts;
  • thermostats, sensors, regulators, fuses;
  • details of the fuel supply system;
  • component wheel suspension and suspension;
  • transmission parts;
  • gearbox tips;
  • details of the hydraulic mechanism for lifting and unloading the body;
  • sealing elements;
  • valve parts;
  • hydraulic, air, fuel, oil filters;
  • nuts, screws, bolts, brackets;
  • spare parts for cooling, braking, exhaust systems;
  • repair kits.

Finding specific spare parts for Volvo dump trucks among hundreds of part numbers will help auto search. Enter the unique part code in the search box - and the necessary part for the Volvo dump truck will be found in a few seconds In order to correctly fill out an application for delivery, fill in the online application form.

AGA Parts accepts requests for delivery and processing around the clock. Our specialists will review your request for Volvo parts within a few hours, after which they will prepare a free quotation and send it to your email. Check out the AGA Parts features to make a profitable order.

Our company works with clients around the world, providing:

  • affordable price level;
  • organization of prompt delivery to any region of the world;
  • additional guarantees of the exact compatibility of spare parts with components of the factory assembly.

Contact AGA Parts managers to discuss in detail the terms of supply of spare parts for Volvo dump trucks to your country.

Technical features of Volvo dump trucks

The Swedish concern Volvo is a globally recognized manufacturer of rigid and articulated dump trucks. These machines are actively used in construction and production sites, industrial enterprises, in the course of logging and mining. On the international market, brand products are:

  • 4 models of dump trucks with carrying capacity from 40 to 95 tons;
  • 6 models of articulated dump trucks with load capacity from 25 to 55 tons.

Regardless of the frame design, Volvo dump trucks are characterized by excellent maneuverability and high maintainability, which is especially important in field conditions. Timely introducing new technological developments for heavy wheeled vehicles, Volvo systematically increases the level of fuel economy and safety management of its machinery.

However, there is a difference in the approach to the production of Volvo dump trucks. In the development of articulated models, it relies on the increased permeability of the wheelbase on dirt roads. When creating frame dump trucks, the main requirement is to reduce the cost of transporting bulk materials.