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There is a new generation of Terex skid steer loaders on the market. This new generation GEN 2 Compact Track and skid steer loaders appears to cover about eight new models. These models range in lb/HP capacity as follows: 6365/50, 6370/60, 6665/50, 6660/60,7425/74, 9430/85, 8740/74. Anything more than that would be cosmetic at this point.

As long as you service and care for the machinery with high quality and durable parts such as those offered by AGA Parts, your heavy machinery can last for years. Terex skid steer loader has some nice additions out there this season, so they should fare well against the competition. With AGA Parts there to provide the genuine parts, there should be no hiccups, bumps or bruises during this summer's test runs. Call AGA Parts for a free quote!