Shipping within United States (Ground & Air)

Shipping Within USA

Due to our high overturn and shipping volume with numerous vendors and high optimization of logistics we are able to reduce the cost of delivery to our clients significantly. Over the years, we have acquired the lowest prices on the delivery of many transport companies.

Shipping Within USA | AGA Parts

Most clients use our services to transport their goods in the United States, since in majority of cases the price of shipping using AGA Truck Parts Services is significantly lower.

express mail

If you have any needs for delivery in the U.S. (or delivery to and from any location) – please contact us. Our managers will quickly and efficiently calculate postage at the address you specify and will provide a swift and smooth service to meet all your needs.

Delivery on EXW terms

Delivery on
EXW terms

AGA Parts considers its delivery obligations fulfilled when we place the goods at the disposal of the buyer at their warehouse or in another specified location. AGA Parts is not responsible for loading the goods onto the vehicle provided by the buyer for payment of customs duties, for customs clearance of the exported goods, unless otherwise specified. The buyer bears all costs of moving the goods from our warehouse to the specified destination.

Accelerated delivery


Express delivery of goods to all countries of the world. The main distinguishing feature of this service is the possibility of delivery in the shortest possible time. The unique technology of work allows you to deliver the goods directly to your warehouse in any country in the world.

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