International Ocean Freight Shipping

International Ocean Freight

We often work with large industrial holdings and companies in terms of the delivery of large-scale equipment for resale. Often in such cases, there is no need for rapid delivery, and the weight of such goods is up to several tons. Undoubtedly, in such cases, the most economically viable option will be shipping by sea in containers. AGA Parts has extensive experience of this kind of deliveries, and even if the weight of the cargo does not exceed several hundred pounds, we can easily organize the delivery in a container with other goods to almost any port in the world.

International Ocean Freight | AGA Parts

When to order shipping by sea?

  • for transcontinental cargo transportation;
  • for container transportation;
  • for the transport of specific or especially valuable, dangerous, oversized cargo.

Our geography

International Ocean Freight Map | AGA Parts

Customers often turn to us when they need to deliver the goods that they have purchased from other American companies. Most companies do not have experience of such deliveries, and our prices are much lower than those of competitors.

90% of all world trade90% of all
world trade
More than 100 thousand merchant shipsMore than 100 thousand
merchant ships
Over 7000 ports around the worldOver 7000 ports
around the world

Cost and time of delivery

The cost of international sea freight is determined individually. Only objective parameters are taken into account: the distance between loading and unloading points, the cost of processing cargo, the package of necessary documents, chartering, etc.

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