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International Air Freight Shipping

International Air Freight

Every day we send several dozen pallets and small packages to many countries world-wide. Most orders are desired ASAP, and our customers prefer air delivery despite the fact that it is much more expensive than shipping by sea.


Every Friday we send several tons of cargo to Moscow, and after 5 days  Russian customers can take full customs-cleared goods from our warehouse in Moscow. The cost of the shipping fee is $ 12/kg .

At this time an opportunity to deliver the goods to Moscow via Germany has become available at a lower cost. Delivery time is about a week longer than standard direct air shipments to Russia, the cost is $ 8/kg .


We are able to send cargo every week with “Door to Door Service.” The cost is $ 8/kg .

Kazakhstan, Belarus

Delivery to these countries is done without customs clearance, i.e. the customer is responsible for customs clearance and collection of goods from the airport. The average cost is $ 3-4/kg, depending on the load size and direction (in each case clients must verify with their account manager exact cost).

Clients often come to us when you need to ship goods that they purchase from other American companies, because most of them do not have experience sending to CIS countries and our price is much less expensive than any competitors.

If you need, we can provide you with the use of our shipping accounts to United States (import).

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