International Air Freight Shipping

International Air Freight

Every day we send several dozen pallets and small packages to many countries world-wide. Most orders are desired ASAP, and our customers prefer air delivery despite the fact that it is much more expensive than shipping by sea.

International Air Freight | AGA Parts

Advantages of air delivery of goods from the USA

Freight air transportation from the USA unlike sea and road transport guarantees the minimum terms of delivery: the direct route airport-airport is carried out within 24 hours, the transit route with overload at large airports in Europe and Asia for 48-96 hours. Delivery of goods from our warehouse to the airport of New York is made within one working day.

Our geography

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Customers often turn to us when they need to deliver the goods that they have purchased from other American companies. Most companies do not have the experience of such supplies, and our prices are much lower than those of competitors.

50 tons of cargo per week50 tons
of cargo per week
Over one thousand airportsOver one thousand
More than 100 regular itinerariesMore than 100
regular itineraries

Cost and time of delivery

Air transportation today actively competes with other modes of transport in terms of cost, so many goods are more efficient to carry by air. In addition, the delivery of goods by air is the safest way of transportation, unlike sea, rail and road transport.

from $4 (USD)
from $4.5 (USD)
from $5 (USD)
per kilo
per kilo
per kilo

Delivery 3-4 weeks

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