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When the time comes to replace your Peterbilt Green Truck parts: 579, 567, 384, 365, and 320, be assured that you will find them at competitive prices when you shop at AGA Parts. Global distributors contribute to our stock of high-quality parts for all Peterbilt Trucks including Green Truck models 579, 567, 384, 365, and 320. AGA Parts can help you with your replacement part needs. Call a friendly staff member today.

Peterbilt's headquarters are located in Denton, Texas. The company has worked hard to become a ground-breaking, environmentally-friendly company through recycling and sending no waste to landfills, creating environmentally-friendly equipment, using alternative fuels (compressed or liquid natural gas), and using hybrid batteries, electrical, and hydraulic systems. In its pledge to maintain the environment, Peterbilt created their new green truck line, which encompasses their stringent requirements. Models 579 and 384 are created for maximum aerodynamics to reduce fuel usage. Models 567, 365, and 320 are built to be heavy-duty for logging, construction, cement mixing, and other tough jobs.

Peterbilt Green Trucks are made of lightweight aluminum and are created with the driver's comfort in mind. Ensure your truck's long life by purchasing only the best replacement parts. The exceptional quality of our Peterbilt Green Truck parts is what makes AGA Parts distinctive. Hundreds of companies all over the globe come to us for their part needs. Call us today for fast shipping and the best prices.