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MTU diesel generators are designed for continuous uptime. MTU generators do not fail even with an overload of 10%. However, like any equipment, they need quality maintenance.

On the AGA Parts website you can find original spare parts for MTU generators. Several hundred parts are in the catalog and are available on request. The current range is:

  • spare parts of the cylinder-piston group;
  • oil, fuel filters
  • dry type air filters
  • details of the valve group;
  • sealing elements;
  • components for cooling system equipment;
  • details of air injection devices;
  • belts, tensioners;
  • temperature and pressure sensors;
  • speed controllers;
  • indicators, controllers;
  • spare parts of the common rail fuel system;
  • components of the exhaust system.

Technical equipment and spare parts for MTU generators

MTU diesel generators are used in power plants, large construction sites and in remote residential areas. To supply energy to such facilities, the company produces several dozen models and modifications that differ:

  • power generation (from 360 to 2600 kW);
  • voltage (from 12 to 20 V);
  • rated frequency of the supply voltage (50 or 60 Hz);
  • the number of revolutions per minute (1500 or 18000);
  • dimensions.

Flexible design and special features allow you to fully adapt the MTU generators to work in different conditions. In direct operation, the generators demonstrate the industry's best average load factor, as well as low fuel consumption. Maintenance intervals for most models have been extended from 500 hours to 1,000. To monitor serviceability, there are:

  • controllers;
  • indicators;
  • digital regulators;
  • auxiliary control system.

The high reliability of MTU generator sets is the result of sophisticated technical equipment. For severe operating conditions, a two-stage air filtration system has been developed. The cooling radiator is usually installed either separately or on the unit. Powerful discharge equipment provides continuous air flow.

Our company works with customers from different countries, so applications for the supply of spare parts are accepted 24/7. In spite of the fact that spare parts for MTU generators are delivered under the order, we will organize expeditious delivery with attraction of the international transport companies.