Mack Trucks Transmission Parts | AGA Parts

Mack Truck offers top of the line transmissions designed to work well with the engine for powerful reliable powertrains. All Mack transmissions are designed and manufactured in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Mack's mDrive transmission, built exclusively for Pinnacle tractors, is a 12-speed, two-pedal transmission that maximizes driver comfort, payload, and fuel economy. The mDrive has an impressive base torque input of 1,920 lb-ft and is available in Direct Drive or Overdrive.

The improved mDrive HD weighs 237 lbs less than the original mDrive and integrates seamlessly with the truck’s powertrain to improve efficiency, increase uptime and lower cost.

Mack's Maxitorque ES transmission, touted as the industry's only triple-countershaft design, has revolutionary shiftable, multi-speed reverse capabilities; standard, one-piece aluminum casings; and more PTO mounting options than any other transmission. The Maxitorque ES transmission offers up to 2,100 lb.-ft of torque and comes in eight different models and 6 to 18 speeds.