Mack Truck Powertrain Parts | AGA Parts

Mack Truck's powertrain components are designed to work together for optimum performance, increased fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Mack MP engines are proven, fuel-efficient and clean-running, with a range of 325 to 605 HP and torque ratings up to 2,060 lb-ft. With muscle and low-end torque, these engines conquer the workday, mile after mile.

Mack transmissions offer an exclusive triple-countershaft design, flexible PTO options and shiftable multi-speed reverse capability.

Mack axles and carriers form the foundation for rugged, productive and dependable trucks. They deliver efficiency, higher ratings, durability and quieter operation. These axles and carriers are engineered to handle the relentless punishment of highway and vocational applications.

Mack suspensions are designed to meet the needs of any application. They are specified to support different loads and roads, and are integrated with the rest of your truck for reliable performance.