Peterbilt trucks symbolize the style of the entire American automotive industry. For almost 80 years, tractors for commercial haulage have been produced with the Peterbilt brand logo. Peterbilt currently manufactures 8 models of trucks: 367, 384, 386, 387, 388, 389, 579 and 587. These machines combine power, functionality and modern technology.

In addition to the characteristic appearance, Peterbilt trucks differ from other American trucks by a large percentage of manual assembly during the production process. The use of branded parts guarantees reliable and proper operation of the machine during the entire period of operation. Along with original Peterbilt parts, PACCAR components are used in the factory assembly, which are recommended by the manufacturer.

Order Durable Peterbilt Truck Parts at AGA Parts

International and local supply of high-quality spare parts for trucks of American brands is one of the key areas of our company's work. Peterbilt truck owners find AGA Parts a reliable supplier of original and aftermarket parts. Our affordable prices and the ability to deliver orders to any country in the world allow you to profitably and quickly purchase the necessary:

  • spare parts for engines;
  • transmission details;
  • steering mechanism components;
  • elements of the wheel chassis;
  • frame and chassis parts;
  • Peterbilt truck suspension parts;
  • control devices;
  • some electrical appliances;
  • fuel system components;
  • exhaust and cooling system parts;
  • elements of body and cabin equipment;
  • filters;
  • fasteners

Most popular Peterbilt AGA Parts truck parts are available from stock, some parts are available on order. For the entire range of the online catalog AGA Parts gives additional guarantees of wear resistance and exact compatibility.