Komatsu Undercarriage Parts

The undercarriage system developed by the Komatsu brand is appreciated for its high wear resistance and excellent performance. When creating new models of Komatsu special equipment, close attention is paid to driving characteristics, where a number of factors are taken into account: from the load class of the machine to the conditions in which it will work. In this regard, Komatsu has developed several design options for the undercarriage. Each type is designed to work in certain conditions, for specific types of work surfaces:

  • Special grease lubricated tracks
  • Komatsu parallel link undercarriage (for medium-weight bulldozers);
  • Abrasion resistant tracks (AR) with standard or reinforced links
  • Hardened wear and shock resistant tracks (HD-AIR);
  • Double bushing tracks for highly abrasive, low impact applications
  • Reinforced chrome carbide coated shoes for medium to heavy duty Komatsu bulldozers operating in difficult conditions with highly abrasive soils.

Genuine spare parts for Komatsu undercarriage undergo a heat treatment procedure. Patented hardening technology and high quality seals achieve the perfect balance between high impact resistance and wear life.

Order Proven Quality Komatsu Undercarriage Parts from AGA Parts

It is known that the restoration of the Komatsu chassis can be up to 40% of the cost of repairing special equipment. AGA Parts offers affordable prices for original brand products. Under the order it is possible to purchase the following spare parts for the Komatsu chassis:

  • skating rinks;
  • sloths;
  • tensioners;
  • asterisks;
  • segment groups and track chains;
  • pins of chain connecting links;
  • double bushings;
  • tracks;
  • shoes, shoe bolts and nuts;
  • steering wheels.

According to part numbers, you will find many reliable spare parts in the AGA Parts online catalog, the quality of which is checked for compliance with the requirements of use before shipment. To minimize the cost of repairing Komatsu chassis, our company offers:

  • prompt processing of online orders;
  • organization of cargo delivery to 140 countries;
  • acceptable delivery times;
  • Possibility to order original suspension parts

On the AGA Parts website, you can place an order for spare parts for Komatsu chassis at any convenient time. Our managers are on call around the clock. It is possible to discuss with them all questions of interest regarding cooperation and organization of supplies.