Komatsu PC200 Excavator Parts | AGA Parts

AGA Truck Parts offers a wide array of aftermarket and genuine Komatsu PC2000 excavator parts to complement and sustain productivity of your Komatsu PC200 excavator.

The PC200 series is one of Komatsu's leading product lines which accounts for more than 10% of the company's sales globally. PC200 models were general-purpose machines when they were first introduced but the clamor for large construction and short tailed hydraulic excavators led to the redesign of the series to its current incarnation. The completely model-changed series started with the PC200-7 in 2001, emphasizing increased production to low fuel consumption ratio. It was shortly followed by the model PC200-8 which was developed to conform to the next-phase exhausted gas regulations of Japan, United States, and Europe. The PC200-8 supported less CO2 emission, energy-saving guidance messages via monitor panel, and a reduction in exterior noise.


  • Low exterior noise
  • Anti-slip floor plate
  • Large side and rearview mirrors
  • Cab noise equal to passenger car noise level
  • Protective structure cab for operator at roll over
  • Large color multi-screen monitor and switches
  • Remote oil draining of swing machinery
  • Gas damper cylinder for the hood
  • Armrest monoblock with console
  • Optional rearview monitor
  • Hydraulic pilot filter

To ensure that your Komatsu PC200 is in excellent working condition, always make sure to outfit your machine with the best available parts on the market. AGA works with a vast network of distributors around the world to provide you with the components that you need at the lowest possible prices, with fast shipping and exemplary service. Call or contact us today for a free quote.