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The Japanese engineering company Komatsu produces 2 models of self-propelled graders, which differ from analogues in the most convenient and efficient control system. Resistance to increased operational loads and fuel efficiency is provided by a variable displacement hydraulic piston pump. The electronically controlled gearbox is capable of operating in manual and automatic modes.

Komatsu independently develops and manufactures units for key systems and mechanisms. Thanks to the thoughtful design, it is possible to quickly and conveniently reach the main maintenance areas.

Spare parts for Komatsu self-propelled graders: offer from AGA Parts

Specializing in the supply of components for more than 100 brands of construction equipment, AGA Parts offers assistance in the search, purchase and delivery of spare parts for Komatsu self-propelled graders. Our online catalog contains thousands of OE spare parts. Available from stock and on order:

  • Spare parts for genuine Komatsu engines;
  • devices and parts of turbocharging and direct fuel injection systems;
  • electronic transmission components with torque converter;
  • box-type welded frame parts;
  • accessories for front and rear axles of self-propelled graders;
  • elements of hydraulic steering mechanisms;
  • details of a disc-type brake unit;
  • closed center hydraulic system parts;
  • Blade wear parts;
  • details of instrumentation and electrical equipment;
  • filters, fasteners, sealing elements.

The auto-search system by part number allows you to quickly find the necessary spare parts for Komatsu self-propelled graders. Knowing it, it is also possible to send an online application for a quote or delivery.

AGA Parts works with local and international orders, offering customers from 140 countries competitive prices for reliable parts. Each part is tested to meet performance requirements before shipping to ensure longevity and full component compatibility. Organization of timely postal or transport delivery gives you the opportunity to perform scheduled work on road construction sites on time, as well as competently maintain the health of Komatsu self-propelled graders.