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The hydraulic system of Komatsu heavy machinery is a complex technological complex that determines the performance of the machine along with the engine. By providing a close relationship between control devices and working tools, Komatsu closed-loop hydraulics are able to change their power under load.

Hydromotors and hydraulic pumps play a major role in the exceptional precision of Komatsu hydraulic equipment. Widely used axial piston hydraulic motors with high specific power, designed for high pressure in the circuit. Komatsu axial piston hydraulic pumps detect variable displacement in a hydraulic system.

Genuine spare parts for Komatsu hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors in the AGA Parts online catalog

On our website, you can find by part numbers in-demand parts for the repair of key components of Komatsu hydraulics. High-quality aftermarket and original spare parts are supplied from stock and on order. At AGA Parts, at an affordable price, you can order such spare parts for Komatsu hydraulic motors as:

  • piston blocks;
  • valve plates;
  • holders;
  • springs;
  • center guides;
  • retaining bars;
  • pistons;
  • shafts;
  • washers;
  • seals and gaskets;
  • repair kits.

The AGA Parts catalog pages also include an impressive list of part numbers for popular and rare Komatsu hydraulic motors. Right now you can buy:

  • roller bearings;
  • drive shafts;
  • calipers;
  • stoppers, plates and slats;
  • Pistons and piston blocks;
  • stops;
  • valve plates;
  • springs and block gaskets;
  • Swashplates

The spare parts for Komatsu hydraulic pumps and motors ordered from AGA Parts are delivered on time. Each part in the order is subject to additional guarantees of durability and exact fit.