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The performance and high fuel efficiency of modern Komatsu diesel engines largely depend on the reliability and trouble-free operation of high pressure fuel pumps and injectors. Modern Japanese injection-type motors are found in many models of Komatsu heavy machinery. The presence of injectors and fuel pumps allows:

  • Improve diesel fuel economy and ensure its accurate supply;
  • significantly improve the environmental performance of Komatsu ICE;
  • increase engine power by 5–10%;
  • clean the engine less often due to the improved quality of the fuel mixture.

Komatsu injection engines with injection pumps also improve the dynamics of compact machines, as they change power faster depending on the load. Motors of this type start almost under any temperature conditions.

If the fuel pump or injector fails, the combustible mixture will stop flowing into the combustion chamber. This will lead to engine shutdown and more expensive repairs of special equipment.

Reliable Komatsu fuel pumps and injectors with quality assurance from AGA Parts

The supply of quality Komatsu spare parts is one of our priorities. AGA Parts helps owners of branded Japanese special equipment to purchase durable spare parts on favorable terms. So that you can quickly restore the health of the Komatsu engine and fuel supply system, our company offers:

  • single online catalog with hundreds of up-to-date part numbers;
  • a simple online ordering system for spare parts for Komatsu injectors and injection pumps;
  • affordable price level for the entire range of components;
  • organizing the delivery of orders to 140 countries;
  • 24/7 customer support

For all spare parts for fuel pumps and injectors, Komatsu AGA Parts provides an additional guarantee of compliance with performance standards and quality requirements. Large companies and individuals can purchase:

  • plunger pairs and springs for injection pumps;
  • control units and housings for fuel pumps;
  • eccentric shafts;
  • shaft bushings;
  • injector cams;
  • inlet and outlet valves;
  • injection fittings;
  • filters;
  • seals;
  • repair kits.

The automatic part number search system will help you quickly find the necessary spare parts for Komatsu injectors and fuel pumps in the AGA Parts catalog.