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If you are looking for top quality Kenworth T2000 truck parts online, look no further. AGA Truck Parts carry a large selection of genuine Kenworth T2000 components to outfit your truck. Our close ties with most major distributors and suppliers around the world ensure that you will get the part that you need immediately.

The Kenworth T2000 truck is commonly used in the cargo hauling business. It has a more aerodynamic design than previous models, therefore reducing drag and maximizing fuel economy. Built to minimze maintenance costs, it is equipped with components that are easy to repair. It comes with a multiplex instrumentation system and a new dash with large chrome bezels and color coded wiring behind it for increased serviceability. The cabin, where operators spend a large amount of time, can be outfitted with many of the comforts of home, including a TV, refrigerator/freezer combo and large storage. The Kenworth T2000 is also equipped with a GPS navigation system detailing trip data which includes miles per gallon, engine and idle hours, idle percentage and optimum rpm range for the engine.


  • Air suspension
  • 60" or 75" deep cab option
  • Automated transmission system
  • 12,000 - 14,000 lbs front axle rating
  • Equipped with engines from 13 - 15 liters that produces up to 600 hp
  • Two fuel tanks with total capacity of 100 gallons
  • Dual draw & return fuel system
  • 45-degree wheel cut
  • QuietCab system

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