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Genuine spare parts and high-quality aftermarket for John Deere articulated dump trucks in AGA Parts online catalog

AGA Parts is an American company that specializes in the supply of certified spare parts for heavy machines of various brands. We ship genuine John Deere spare parts and aftermarket approved by the company to over 60 countries of the world. Some spare parts are readily available while you can have some other parts made to order. The prices are competitive in any case.

You can find the required spare part for your John Deere dump truck in AGA Parts catalog by the part number. Please find the following spare parts in our online catalog:

  • Spare parts for John Deere diesel engines (in conformity with EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II standards);
  • Advancing fans, coolers, turbine superchargers, and other components of the cooling system;
  • Multi-speed gearbox components;
  • Transmission components;
  • ‘Wet’ type disk brake system components;
  • Spare parts for heavy-duty axles;
  • Adaptive suspension control system elements;
  • Hydraulics elements;
  • Steering system components;
  • Spare parts for measurement and control devices and other electronics;
  • Fastening and sealing elements;
  • Filters and valves.

All John Deere parts purchased from AGA Parts are guaranteed to be reliable, fully compatible, and in conformity with the operational standards. Before shipping the spare parts, we put them through our own quality control procedures.

Spare parts for John Deere dump trucks

Articulated dump trucks manufactured by John Deere company are characterized by high capacity and low fuel consumption. You can transport cargo of 33 to 46 tons with these machines in a faster manner while saving on fuel. Thanks to the cooperation between the truck designers and their users, the recent John Deer models are equipped with electronic control, steering, and safety systems. Numerous automated functions allow increasing the productivity and improving the technical characteristics of the trucks. The well-thought-out locations of the service points make maintenance operations easily performable from the ground.