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Supply of spare parts for construction machinery and heavy equipment is the key area for AGA Parts. We have been engaged in this type of activity since the company was founded.

Today, our catalog contains thousands of spare parts – both genuine ones and certified aftermarket – for more than 30 brands of heavy construction machines. These include, among others:

We work with clients from all over the world and we offer spare parts for the following machinery types:

  • Various excavators and loaders;
  • Asphalt and concrete pavers, road rollers;
  • Drillers, trenchers, and hydraulic drills;
  • Dozers and scrapers.

The auto search function will help you quickly find the necessary spare parts for your construction machines. What you have to do is enter the part number into the search box and in a few seconds, all the available options will be displayed on your screen.

How to order spare parts for construction machinery at the AGA Parts website

AGA Parts supplies spare parts that are made to order. If you would like to order some parts from us, please fill out this online form.

When we process your request, we will send you a free price quote to your email address. Our managers are going to contact you to discuss the following issues:

  • The availability of genuine spare parts or certified aftermarket;
  • The overall price of the order (that includes the price of the spare parts and the delivery cost);
  • The terms and the methods of delivery;
  • Other delivery-related issues.

All construction machinery spare parts that AGA Parts supplies have durability and compatibility warrantees. Our clients are happy with the parts that they have purchased from us as they allow their machines to work faultlessly for a long time. Affordable prices and timely delivery of the parts will provide for:

  • Minimizing the repair costs;
  • Reduce the losses from the idling of the machines.

We will deliver spare parts to any city in the world while adhering to the delivery schedule that is specified in the contract. We use international transportation companies and mail services to deliver the parts.

AGA Parts Warranty

Our company has its own quality control department. It allows us to guarantee each customer reliability and full correspondence of spare parts with a specific model of equipment.
AGA parts Company deals with reliable and trusted suppliers directly, it gives an opportunity to offer competitive prices for both big companies and individuals.
Taking into consideration the necessity of prompt delivery, we always try do our best so that you can receive your orders in a timely manner. Close cooperation with different delivery services helps us to deliver parts globally to any city in the world.