Please find genuine spare parts for electric Epiroc haul trucks in AGA Parts online catalog. Simply enter the part number into the search box and in a few seconds you will be able to add the following spare parts to the cart:

  • Electric motor spare parts;
  • 8-speed Dana transmission spare parts;
  • Axle electric actuation spare parts;
  • Articulated frame spare parts;
  • Spare parts for the self-locking steering mechanism;
  • Torque transducers;
  • Spare parts for the ‘wet’ type multiple-disk braking system with forced cooling;
  • Indicators, sensors, relays, and fuses;
  • Spare parts for noise and vibration suppression systems;
  • Air-oil suspension spare parts;
  • Hydraulic cylinders and other parts of the dumping equipment;
  • Valves and sealing elements;
  • Spare parts for electric oil hydraulic pumps;
  • Cooling system elements;
  • Filters;
  • Repair kits;
  • Fastening elements.

Please request a price quote for the Epiroc spare parts by use of the feedback form. All you have to do is fill out the fields providing the following information:

  • The part numbers of the spare parts;
  • The quantity of the spare parts;
  • The brand name;
  • The delivery address;
  • Your telephone number and email address.

AGA Parts engineers will use this information to make up a price quote for you and then they will send it to your email address. We accept price quote requests round-the-clock and we process them within 24 hours. Our Epiroc spare parts are competitively priced! Please search the catalog to see what spare parts are available. Please note that Epiroc electric haul truck spare parts are made to order because the machines are truly exceptional.

Please contact our specialists to discuss the following items:

  • The delivery conditions (we ship spare parts to 140 countries of the world);
  • The terms of delivery;
  • The logistics;
  • The total price that includes the price of the spare parts and the shipment cost.

As soon as we come to an agreement about all the details, the Epiroc spare parts will be ready for shipment.

Electric Epiroc haul trucks: the characteristics, the instruments, and the spare parts

Minetruck MT42 Battery is currently the only model of an electric underground dump truck manufactured by Epiroc. Nevertheless, it is the largest such truck in the market and it can move cargo of up to 42 tons much faster that its diesel-driven competitors.

A lithium-ion battery is the energy source for Minetruck MT42 Battery haul truck. It boasts the following advantages:

  • Zero emission;
  • Reduction of the costs of fuel and underground ventilation systems;
  • Reduction of the operating cycle duration.

The articulated frame improves the maneuverability of the machine. The air-oil suspension with the hydraulically-assisted spring brake improves the running performance. The optimized geometry of the hood increases the field of vision. The tubeless tires lower the overall weight of the truck and extend the undercarriage service intervals. The onboard diagnostics system informs the truck operator how well the machine is functioning. The well-though-out body structure gives easy access to the truck’s services points, filters, and valves.