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Cummins has continued manufacturing technologically advanced, environmentally safe engines for nearly 100 years. Cummins ISL/QSL engine parts are replacement parts for some of the world's most advanced engine designs. The ISL engine has become the most popular engine in the field of transit. With advanced fuel economy, including High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection (HPCR) and VG turbo, the Cummins ISL engine produces a smooth, powerful ride.

The QSL is designed specifically for power, used commonly in industrial equipment. Sporting the HPCR technology and an technologically advanced in-cylinder combustion technique, it delivers from 250 HP to 365 HP while meeting and exceeding modern environmental standards. With a design that keeps maintenance low, Cummins ISL/QSL engine parts should always be in your stock room to help keep your business running smoothly.

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