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You can buy genuine and aftermarket Cummins exhaust manifold parts from AGA Parts. Get both the 3 piece and two piece performance manifolds and factory replacement manifolds as well. The Cummins exhaust manifold parts are offered at the cheapest prices in the market while providing the best functionality possible. The Cummins exhaust manifold parts are more balanced compared to the stock manifold available in the market today. The Cummins exhaust manifold parts are built for efficiency and unmatched longevity. Such abilities set them apart from the other available options.

Cummins exhaust manifold parts have a flow bench tested and well-adjusted for amplified balanced exhaust flow, whereas upholding velocity for improved turbo spool up. The Cummins 2-Piece Exhaust Manifold made for the Dodge Cummins engine offers exceptional performance among various significant efficiencies. This 2-Piece Manifold is constructed from high nickel Ductile Iron, this explains its ability to handle the high heat. The Cummins Exhaust Manifold Parts are based on Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Testing. The computational fluid dynamic results in quicker turbo spool-up and upsurges the exhaust gas efficiency. The exhaust manifold parts are well known to shrink considerably, instigating manifold-cracking, gasket glitches, and exhaust flow complications fashioned by exhaust port misalignment. The 2-Piece Manifold, conversely, permits manifold to expand and contract with heat. That eliminates the warping and cracking common with manifolds thus removing the dreaded manifold shrinkage. Further, the 2-Piece Manifold has enhanced airflow permitting enhanced fuel efficiency while growing overall horsepower and torque.

AGA Parts ships Cummins exhaust manifold parts worldwide quickly and cheaply. We also offer the lowest price in the industry on aftermarket and genuine parts. Call us today to receive a free quote from our trusted customer service representatives.