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Purchase your Cummins cylinder parts - block, head and kits online from AGA Parts and save. AGA works with distributors around the world to ensure that you receive the parts you need for all of your heavy duty trucks, buses, RV's, automotive and more. AGA maintains the Cummins line of cylinder parts - block, head & kits to keep you up and running. Call us for your pricing needs today. Your surprise is our pleasure and we aim to please your bottom line.

Cummins takes on the field in construction needs, personal needs as well as industrial needs to get the job done right. They are there from start to finish in high quality parts and superior on-line customer service. From bringing you to the job site in your heavy-duty truck to running the loaders, excavators, trucks, generators and more while you are there, Cummins has the equipment to serve your needs. Cummins believes in keeping truckers moving on the highways so they can continue delivering freight and more worldwide.

AGA backs Cummins quest to keep your machine running smoothly by maintaining the cylinder parts - block, head & kits. Keep your operations going with regular servicing and early replacement of your parts. AGA stays in step with you and believes in all that you do and stand for.