Sensors Caterpillar

Caterpillar sensors for engines: AGA Parts' offer

Order Caterpillar sensors from the AGA Parts website. Our company offers customers in 140 countries genuine Caterpillar sensors with delivery to your warehouse. Use the AGA Parts search form, you will find the required Cat sensor by specifying the part number.

  • Crankshaft Position Sensors;
  • Fuel level sensor;
  • Coolant level sensor;
  • Oil level sensor;
  • Oil pressure sensors;
  • Mass air flow sensors;
  • Throttle Position Sensors;
  • Coolant temperature sensors;
  • Oil temperature sensors;
  • Knock sensors;
  • Oxygen sensors.
Caterpillar Sensors
1043008 Cat TEMP-SWITCHPrice
1059993 Cat SENSOR-FUELPrice
1124009 Cat SENDER-TEMPPrice
1186315 Cat SENSOR GPrice
1272018 Cat PRESSURE SENSORPrice
1410374 Cat SENSOR ASPrice
1439176 Cat SENSOR ASPrice
1477318 Cat SENSOR ASPrice
1637882 Cat SENSOR-TEMPPrice
1638522 Cat PRESSURE SENSORPrice
1471174 Cat SENSORPrice
9X1124 Cat SENDERPrice
3618400 Cat SENSORPrice
3591502 Cat SENSORPrice
4254307 Cate SENSORPrice
4644913 Cat MONITOR GPPrice
4644915 Cat MONITOR GPPrice
4647684 Cat SENSOR GP-OBPrice
5045046 Cat POSITION SENSORPrice
4615585 Cat SENSORPrice