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Spare parts for Caterpillar grain combine harvesters in AGA Parts online catalog: high quality guaranteed

AGA Parts online catalog contains thousands and thousands of unique part numbers that allow finding any spare part for your Caterpillar grain combine harvester. You can purchase a Cat spare part that we have on stock or have one made to order. As a rule, we have parts that are in high demand readily available. These include but are not limited to the following ones:

  • Spare parts for 6-cylinder diesel combustion engines with turbochargers;
  • Spare parts for separators, elevators, rotary threshers, and grain tanks;
  • Reaping machine and discharge auger elements;
  • Hydraulic system mechanisms;
  • Transmission and steering system components;
  • Fuel, cooling, and exhaust system elements;
  • Wheeled undercarriage and pneumatic suspension components;
  • Cockpit elements;
  • Filters and sealing elements;
  • Components of noise and vibration suppression systems.

Multipurpose grain combine harvesters manufactured by Caterpillar successfully work in the fields located in all parts of the world helping farmers with crop harvesting. Small- and medium-size machines are used for harvesting grains, beans, and forage plants. In addition to the main rig element (the thresher), the machines are equipped with straw choppers. The success of the harvesting campaign largely depends on the functionality of the harvesting machines. AGA Parts supplies Cat spare parts to combine harvester owners living in different parts of the world. We trade in genuine Cat spare parts and certified aftermarket. Hundreds of agricultural holdings and private harvester owners have been able to appreciate the wide range and the high quality of the spare parts that AGA Parts offers.

Please place an order for the spare part that you need using our contact form. You can also request a price quote to find out about the cost of each required spare part. All spare parts undergo quality control and conformity checks before they are shipped to the customer. We will be happy to deliver spare parts for Caterpillar grain combine harvesters to any place on the planet by mail or with the help of a shipment company.