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Spare parts for Caterpillar excavators: latest offers from AGA Parts

You can find genuine spare parts and certified aftermarket for your Caterpillar excavator at AGA Parts website. Our online catalog is updated regularly so that our clients can have the latest information about the spare parts that we have on stock and those that are made to order.

Even though there are thousands of catalog names, spotting the spare part you need is simple. All you have to do is enter the part number into the search box and you will see the part on your screen within seconds. At the moment, our online catalog contains the following spare parts for Caterpillar excavators:

  • Spare parts for Caterpillar engines;
  • Undercarriage components;
  • Hydraulic system components;
  • Transmission components;
  • Transmission nods;
  • Fuel system components;
  • Lubrication system components;
  • Cooling system components;
  • Working instruments (buckets, cutter heads, and moldboard blades);
  • Electronic equipment.

All the spare parts for Caterpillar excavators are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and complete compatibility with the particular model of the machine. Both large companies and private Caterpillar excavator owners are welcome to order spare parts from AGA Parts.

Technical characteristics of Caterpillar excavators

Excavators of this brand name are characterized by their multi-functionality: one machine can perform several different tasks. Any Caterpillar excavator is easy to handle, safe, and comfortable. In any of them, a great variety of modern technologies is used.


These are characterized by great dig depth, breakout power, and load-lifting capacity. The smart design of the cockpit provides for a large sweep of vision. The tracked undercarriage allows using the machines on challenging terrains. Caterpillar manufactures 12 models of tracked excavators with engines between 92 and 150 horsepower. Their weight is between 13.7 and 88.84 tons. The most popular models are 313D2L, 318D2L, 326D2L, 340D2L, and 390FL.


These can perform a wide range of tasks. They are characterized by a high speed and great maneuverability. There are 6 models in total with engines between 102 and 168 horsepower. The maximum speed of wheeled Caterpillar excavators varies between 25 and 37 km/h. The most popular models are M315D2, M316D, M317D2, M318D, M320D2, and M322D.


All 9 models of these excavators have impressive sizes (their weight is between 105.2 and 980 tons). They use hydraulic drives, which improves their performance. Great breakout power allows filling the bucket of 7 to 52 cubic meters within a short period.