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Spare parts for Caterpillar excavators: latest offers from AGA Parts

You can find genuine spare parts and certified aftermarket for your Caterpillar excavator at AGA Parts website. Our online catalog is updated regularly so that our clients can have the latest information about the spare parts that we have on stock and those that are made to order.

The catalog of spare parts for excavators manufactured by Caterpillar includes:

  • engine spare parts;
  • transmission spare parts;
  • hydraulic spare parts;
  • fuel system spare parts;;
  • electrical equipment;
  • hanging equipment.

Even though there are thousands of catalog names, spotting the spare part you need is simple. All you have to do is enter the part number into the search box.

Spare Parts for Excavator Cat 320

1318822 Cat FILTER ELEMENTPrice
6i2501 Cat FILTER ELEMENTPrice
1282686 Cat FILTER ELEMENTPrice
2128585 Cat BELT-SERPENTINEPrice
2941781 Cat BELT-SERPENTINEPrice
2941708 Cat CAPPrice
2941706 Cat GASKETPrice
1713369 Cat CAP ASPrice
2459212 Cat CAP AS-PRESSUREPrice
3412143 Cat CAP-RADIATORPrice
2941780 Cat GASKETPrice
2459178 Cat HOSE-RADIATORPrice
2653602 Cat HOSE-RADIATORPrice

Spare Parts for Excavator Cat 323

3796543 Cat KIT-DISKPrice
3039937 Cat KIT-GAUGEPrice
3602028 Cat KITPrice
3975684 Cat KIT-PUMPPrice
4217757 Cat KIT-PISTONPrice
4233255 Cat KITPrice
4883799 Cat KIT HARDWAREPrice
4883798 Cat KIT PINIONPrice
4804491 Cat KIT-BEARINPrice
4804490 Cat KIT-BEARINPrice
4804489 Cat KIT-BEARINPrice
4492819 Cat KIT-RINGPrice
4408443 Cat KIT CylinderPrice

All the spare parts for Caterpillar excavators are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and complete compatibility with the particular model of the machine. Both large companies and private Caterpillar excavator owners are welcome to order spare parts from AGA Parts.

Spare Parts for Excavator Cat 215D

2P5080 Caterpillar AIR CLEANER GPPrice
7N4651 Caterpillar TURBOCHARGERPrice
7N5909 Caterpillar WATER PUMPPrice
2W8001 Caterpillar WATER PUMPPrice
6T8208 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
1W6539 Caterpillar PUMP GP-FUELPrice
6E0829 Caterpillar ACTUATORPrice
9T2007 Caterpillar SHAFTPrice
0R3022 Caterpillar CAMSHAFT KITPrice
2P1714 Caterpillar KIT GASKETPrice
8T8819 Caterpillar ACCESSORY KITPrice
9Y1723 Caterpillar KIT CAMSHAFTPrice

Spare Parts for Excavator Cat 212

5W5890 Caterpillar FILTERPrice
5W6081 Caterpillar FILTER-FUELPrice
5W8633 Caterpillar PUMP GP-FUPrice
1028803 Caterpillar KITPrice
1769299 Caterpillar RECEPTACLE KITPrice
2011376 Caterpillar REGULATORPrice
1217034 Caterpillar PUMP KITPrice
1471658 Caterpillar HOSE KITPrice
1944425 Caterpillar GASKET KITPrice
7W2582 Caterpillar TURBO KITPrice
7W2513 Caterpillar RING KITPrice
1257006 Caterpillar SEAL KITPrice

Spare Parts for Excavator Cat M313D

2542646 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
2957687 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
2985183 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
2058069 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
3150491 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
2542642 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
3908755 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
3892407 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
2434046 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
3040217 Caterpillar VALVEPrice
3779082 Caterpillar TENSIONERPrice
3907340 Caterpillar ALTERNATORPrice
3991485 Caterpillar ALTERNATORPrice
3518490 Caterpillar Control GPPrice
3366684 Caterpillar CAMERAPrice