Caterpillar Engine Fuel System Parts | AGA Parts

In 1993, Caterpillar designed an electronically controlled pump-injector unit with hydraulic gear, which became one of the most important contributions to the development of the diesel combustion engine in a hundred years. The unique high-pressure electronic fuel injection system Cat HEUI brings the following advantages:

  • It improves the performance of the fuel supply system;
  • It solves some problems related to mechanical injectors;
  • It eliminates the dependence on the crankshaft rotation frequency.

The wonderful performance characteristics of the components of the Cat fuel supply system are due to the use of special metals and patented technologies in their productions. Besides, Caterpillar fuel system components undergo a series of tests and they are calibrated in accordance with the specific technical requirements.

AGA Parts is an international supplier of reliable spare parts for heavy machinery. We offer genuine Caterpillar fuel system components and certified aftermarket. You can find all the necessary fuel system elements in AGA Parts online catalog by the part number. These include:

  • Fuel pump hoses and repair kits;
  • Fuel pump components;
  • Water pump elements;
  • Fuel pressure control unit components;
  • High-pressure line components;
  • Injectors;
  • Fuel injector elements;
  • Throttle blades;
  • Carburetors;
  • Control units;
  • Filters.

These and other Caterpillar fuel system components can be delivered to any place in the world on an advanced order. AGA Parts offers reasonable prices and guarantees high quality and full compatibility of the spare parts. Our policies allow customers to make the best deals when purchasing Cat fuel system spare parts from us.