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Spare parts for Caterpillar dragline excavators

Over the last 30 years, Caterpillar has designed and put into operation more than 200 models of dragline excavators. The designers have paid special attention to minimizing the operational and service costs and enhancing the level of security. The most popular dragline – Caterpillar 8750 – is equipped with AC IGBT drive system that contributes to achieving the latter goal. Most service points are located inside or outside the rotating table. Many components of contemporary Caterpillar dragline excavators are made of high-duty steels that are resistant to extreme temperatures and mechanical pressure.

One of the main advantages that modern Cat draglines boast is the alternating current electric system. Thanks to this innovation, the machines are less susceptible to input voltage fluctuations. Besides, up to 10% of energy can be saved.

Genuine spare parts for Caterpillar dragline excavators made to order

AGA Parts is an international supplier of genuine spare parts and certified aftermarket for Caterpillar machines. In our online catalog, you can find hundreds of part numbers for spare parts for Cat dragline excavators. The prices for the spare parts are highly competitive. Due to the specifics of the machines, the spare parts for Caterpillar draglines have to be made to order.

If you know the part number for the required spare part or mechanism, you can use the AGA Parts online catalog to find the following items within 60 seconds or less:

  • Spare parts for Cat power units, inverters, and forced draft fans;
  • Spare parts for the controlling electronics, components of various electronic devices (including pressure transformers);
  • Elements of various measurement devices and programmed controllers;
  • Components of alternating current drive motors;
  • Liquid cooling system components;
  • Spare parts for planet gearboxes with separate cooling and filtration blocks;
  • Bearings, drums, wheel hubs, and cogwheels for gearboxes and towing mechanisms;
  • Spare parts for rotating frames, radial grill frames, and rotating tables;
  • Spare parts for lifting and towing mechanisms;
  • Elements of traveling cranes, excavator booms, rope transmission, and rock-collecting funnels;
  • Reliable rail clamps;
  • Spare parts for rope and cord controlling mechanisms;
  • Driving mechanisms components;
  • Brake system components;
  • Wearable elements of excavator buckets with the volume between 76 and 116 m3.

AGA Parts guarantees that these and other spare parts for Caterpillar dragline excavators are durable, wear-resistant, and fully compatible with the machines. Every single spare part undergoes quality control checks before it is shipped to the customer. We deliver spare parts to different locations by mail or with the use of a transportation company. This allows us to organize a swift delivery of spare parts for Cat dragline excavators wherever in the world you need them.