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When developing its equipment, Caterpillar pays great attention to the ergonomics of the cabs - in each new model, they become more spacious and comfortable. Advanced manufacturing technologies allow updated (upgraded) cabs to be equipped with control modules (including VIMS 4.0), improve safety and improve site efficiency. Caterpillar cab parts are plug and play, fully assembled and ready to install.

Order original Caterpillar cab accessories and parts at AGA Parts

The American brand Caterpillar is one of the key brands in the activities of AGA Parts. That's why we're proud to offer genuine Cat parts and a manufacturer-recommended certified aftermarket.

In a single online catalog AGA Parts contains a huge number of part numbers, by which it is possible to quickly find and order the necessary accessories and spare parts for the Caterpillar cab. Available and delivered to order:

  • incandescent lamps;
  • control, rotating lamps;
  • headlights;
  • alarm and reverse signal devices;
  • elements of seat air suspension;
  • shock absorbers, glass adjustment bushings;
  • wipers;
  • replacement parts for the air conditioning system.

AGA Parts can help you get the right equipment and accessories for Cat cabs. Reasonable cost and organization of delivery to 140 countries allow you to set up or improve the functions of the control cabin with minimal financial and time costs. Additional guarantees of quality and perfect compatibility on all ordered accessories and spare parts for the Caterpillar cab - the ability to be confident in the reliability of special equipment every day.