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Buhler Versatile Farming Equipment Parts

Find our how much you can save on your next Buhler Versatile farming equipment parts order with AGA Parts. We work with companies in the farming industry to provide parts for augers, harvesters, tractors and all other Buhler parts your machines require. We have customers and partners across the globe and work with trusted distributors in order to provide the lowest prices for genuine parts. Contact AGA Parts today for a free quote.

Versatile is a Canadian manufacturing company that produces agricultural equipment, including augers, swathers and combine harvesters. In 1966, It was the first company to mass produce four-wheel drive tractors, starting with the D100 and G100 four-wheel drives. Versatile became one of the leaders in four-wheel drive development and production, and by late 1970’s its line of products included tractors ranging from 220 to 330 horsepower.

In 1977 it was sold to Cornat Industries Inc. and later sold again to Ford New Holland in 1987. Ford New Holland became simply New Holland and sold its Versatile tractor division to Buhler in 2000. In 2007, Combine Factory Rostselmash Ltd acquired Buhler Industries and revived the Versatile brand in the following year. Since then, Versatile’s line of four-wheel drive tractors has grown to include front-wheel assist tractors, self-propelled sprayers, precision seeding & tillage equipment and combines. No matter what equipment you use, AGA Parts has the Buler Versatile farming equipment parts you need, ready to order.


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