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The Bobcat Skid- Steer Loader celebrates 50 years of continued high service performance, dependability, and reliability. Bobcat introduces a new series of Skid-Steer loaders, with better visibility and more power behind the wheel and on the road. The Skid- Steer outperforms similar loaders, with its spacious layout, and pressurized cabs. There are more than 30 models to choose from, and AGA Parts has the parts to fit all different kinds of loaders.

The new M series has 20 select models, including S450 Radius Lift Path models, and the S530 the Vertical Lift Path models. The Skid-Steer series contain 13 power driven models, from the S70 Radius Lift path to the S850 Vertical Lift Path. No two machines are the same, which is why AGA offers parts for each unique model of Bobcat Skid- Steer Loaders.

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