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High-quality Allison Transmission spare parts at competitive prices on the website AGA Parts

AGA Parts supplies clients around the world with Allison Transmission spare parts. We are ready to offer affordably priced genuine and aftermarket spare parts for the following Allison Transmission machinery:

  • automatic control units;
  • gearbox pistons;
  • electromagnetic valves;
  • ferrules;
  • flanges;
  • flywheel adapters;
  • hydraulic torque convertors;
  • pressure / load sensor;
  • oil temperature sensing units;
  • input and output rpm sensors;
  • pulse speed sensors;
  • dampers;
  • metal and ceramic discs;
  • sealing rings;
  • gaskets / oil seals;
  • dust boots;
  • gaskets;
  • bearings;
  • gears;
  • spring cassettes;
  • solenoids;
  • heat exchangers;
  • turbines;
  • switches;
  • filters;
  • washers;
  • screw bolts;
  • nut rings;
  • drain plugs.

About Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission is the world's first and largest manufacturer of automatic transmissions. This U.S.-based brand supplies 300-plus machine manufacturing companies with its products for heavy machinery, trucks, special and military vehicles.

Allison Transmission traces its lineage back to 1915. Its engineers created the world's first automatic transmission for heavy equipment.

Today, Allison is unparalleled when it comes to designing and manufacturing of automatic transmissions and hybrid power units for medium and heavy equipment. Genuine spare parts are manufactured with the same engineering tools and technologies as components used for assembling new transmissions.

AGA Parts Warranty

Our company has its own quality control department. It allows us to guarantee each customer reliability and full correspondence of spare parts with a specific model of equipment.
AGA parts Company deals with reliable and trusted suppliers directly, it gives an opportunity to offer competitive prices for both big companies and individuals.
Taking into consideration the necessity of prompt delivery, we always try do our best so that you can receive your orders in a timely manner. Close cooperation with different delivery services helps us to deliver parts globally to any city in the world.