Volvo Truck I-VEB Engine Brake Parts | AGA Parts

The new I-VEB enhances the successful Volvo Engine Brake with Intelligent Software.

The Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) delivers high retardation over the speed range, and it is integrated into the engine for safety and longer foundation brake life. Its unique design provides quiet, effective braking in the rpm range in which drivers most often operate-1500 rpm and below. Most importantly, it allows faster downhill travel with complete control, shortening trip time.

I-VEB improves on the existing design with smarter features. It has a new ergonomic six-position switch that's comfortable and easy to operate, No more need for the driver to reach over the dash to adjust the engine brake switch every time the slope of the downgrade changes. To go down a long steady downgrade at a steady speed, one only needs to depress the +/- switch at the end of the brake control stalk and I-VEB will take over and hold the truck at a steady speed regardless of the terrain.

With I-VEBs ease of operation, precision control, and maximum fuel economy, it is no wonder that it's an engine brake that's the foremost choice of professional drivers.