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Genuine spare parts for Caterpillar drilling units: order from AGA Parts

AGA Parts is especially proud to be a reliable supplier of spare parts for Caterpillar machines. We help our clients to quickly find the required spare parts for their Cat machines at attractive prices. Please use the unique part number to search for the spare parts that you need in our online catalog. Some spare parts for Caterpillar drilling units are readily available while others have to be made to order. The catalog contains the following parts:

  • Turbo-compressor and exhaust manifold covers, prelubrication system components;
  • Spare parts for the mast and lifting equipment;
  • Components of the topdrive hydro motors and hydraulic tongs;
  • Excavator-type bottom rollers and ground grousers;
  • Components for the main frame and platform and rotation mechanisms;
  • Spare parts for the fuel and the cooling systems;
  • Drilling equipment (rods, rotary bore bits, adapters, ferrules, crossover joints, shock absorbers, and roller sliders);
  • Filters and dust arresters;
  • Protection system elements.

Caterpillar drilling units designed for percussion-rotary and rotatory drilling are used at open pit mining sites throughout the world.  The company offers about a dozen models of MD series that can be used for different mining purposes. Their maximum drilling depth exceeds 30 meters and their operational temperature range is 90 °С.

The machines often have to work under extreme conditions and this is why all replaceable spare parts for Caterpillar drilling units are made from special steels and alloys. The welding of the mast equipment is performed in accordance with the AWS 14.3 standard.

Powerful Caterpillar motors as well as engines produced by such companies as Isuzu, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel are used as power generators. The MD6640 drilling unit, for example, is powered by an electromotor. You are welcome to purchase spare parts for all Caterpillar-produced machines from AGA Parts company.

Depending on your preferences, we will be happy to supply genuine spare parts for Cat drilling units or certified aftermarket.