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Reliable Komatsu engines operate in a variety of conditions, from the extreme cold of the north to the equatorial heat. On five continents, the Japanese brand's power plants determine the performance of construction, road, quarry and warehouse equipment.

The high performance of Komatsu engines is the result of advanced technical developments. In particular, in many models of Japanese internal combustion engines, an electronic control system is provided, which, depending on the load, optimizes:

  • power consumption;
  • fuel supply;
  • stroke speed.

The high-pressure fuel injection system is designed to improve fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. Innovative solutions help Komatsu engines to work for a long period at maximum loads, such as:

  • fuel combustion chamber;
  • air intake air cooling system;
  • electrodynamic retarder;
  • powerful electric drives.

Komatsu engines: product range

Today, the Komatsu ICE family includes more than 30 models of power units of different capacities. The main technical characteristics of each engine are encrypted in the marking. Having familiarized yourself with the cipher, you can immediately determine:

  • number of cylinders;
  • the presence of an intercooler;
  • piston diameter.

Most of the Komatsu motors are original designs and combine a whole range of corporate developments. At the same time, the most popular Komatsu engines are produced jointly with the Cummins brand. Among them are  Komatsu S4D95, S6D102, SA6D114, SA6D170 models.

Which Komatsu engine parts can be ordered from AGA Parts?

Reliable parts for Japanese internal combustion engines of proven quality are what every owner of Komatsu special equipment is looking for. AGA Parts offers original spare parts and a certified aftermarket with delivery to any country. Our affordable prices and reasonable delivery times will help reduce the cost of restoring a Komatsu engine.

On the pages of the AGA Parts online catalog can be found by part number:

  • flywheel rims;
  • inlet and outlet valves;
  • internal valve springs;
  • cylinder heads;
  • ports;
  • sleeves;
  • piston rings;
  • indigenous liners;
  • seals;
  • oil pressure sensors;
  • repair kits;
  • fuel and oil filters;
  • engine mounts;
  • oil seals;
  • solenoids;
  • starters;
  • turbines;
  • Injection pump;
  • injectors;
  • rods;
  • injectors.

Spare parts for Komatsu engines are available on order and from stock. The entire current range of the AGA Parts catalog is subject to additional guarantees of high quality and exact compatibility.