You can find spare parts for Epiroc diesel underground dump trucks at AGA Parts website. The parts can be delivered to your location. Our online catalog contains the following spare parts that are competitively priced:

  • Detroit Diesel motor spare parts;
  • Fuel supply system components;
  • Spare parts for tube-type V-shaped radiators;
  • Components of exhaust fume catalytic purification system;
  • Measuring and control instruments;
  • Articulated frame joint components;
  • Differentials, hubs, and bearings;
  • Drive gear components;
  • Wheeled undercarriage spare parts;
  • Spare parts for the ‘wet’ type multiple-disk braking system;
  • Retarders and electric brake pumps;
  • Steering mechanism components;
  • Hydro cylinders, hydro pumps, and hydro motors;
  • Valve group components and sealing elements;
  • Spare parts for the cargo bed lifting/ dropping mechanism;
  • Transmission and gearbox components;
  • Fuel, oil, air, and hydraulic filters;
  • Noise suppression instruments;
  • Fastening elements;
  • Repair kits.

Please look through the pricelist for Epiroc diesel underground dump trucks spare parts and make an online order with the help of our feedback form. AGA Parts specialists will process the order within 24 hours and send you a price quote.

Please ascertain that you are happy with the delivery conditions. You have to bear in mind that Epiroc diesel underground dump trucks spare parts are made to order. Please contact AGA Parts managers and discuss the following items with them:

  • The logistics;
  • The terms and methods of the spare parts delivery to your region (AGA Parts ships spare parts to 140 countries);
  • The total cost of the order that includes the cost of the parts and the cost of delivery.
  • As soon as all the details have been agreed upon, we will prepare the spare parts for shipment.

Technical characteristics and spare parts for Epiroc diesel underground dump trucks

Epiroc articulated underground haulers work at large mines and restricted quarters. The Minetruck MT line includes 9 easily steerable machines each of which is equipped with the following instruments:

  • Detroit Diesel motor with minimal exhaust fumes;
  • Powerful generator for mine work;
  • Dry-type air purifier;
  • Powerful cooling system;
  • ROPS/FOPS cockpit protection system;
  • RCS management control system;
  • ‘Wet’ type multiple-disk braking system with forced oil cooling;
  • Brake retarder;
  • Lighting instrument complex;
  • Rear view video cameras.

A reliable design of the underground Epiroc trucks provides for their high working efficiency. All wearable parts are easily replaceable. For instance, extra strong tapered roller bearings are used in the pin joints.

Excellent maneuverability of Epiroc Minetrucks is attributable to the perfect design of the steering mechanism. SAHR braking system with forced oil cooling provides for a smooth and safe drive. Tubeless tires of different sizes are designed for underground operations.

The RCS management control system provides for safe exploitation of diesel underground dump trucks produced by Epiroc. The system diagnoses all the component parts of the truck. The information it displayed on the dashboard. Accessible location of main service points in a combination with a centralized manual lubrication system simplify the daily vehicle inspection.