AGA Parts will be happy to supply spare parts for your Epiroc vibratory compactor. Here are the parts that you can find on our online catalog:

  • Hydraulic and connecting hoses;
  • Hydraulic motors;
  • Vent valve and pressure valve components;
  • Rubber isolation blocks;
  • Bearings;
  • Rotator components;
  • Nuts, bolts, and washers;
  • Plugs;
  • Fittings;
  • Quick release unit spare parts.

The possibility to find the spare part by the part number makes our online catalog easy to use. Just enter the part number into the search box and you will be able to add the required spare part to the cart after a few seconds only.

Please request a free price quote by clicking on the feedback form. You have to enter the following data into the form:

  • The part number and the desired quantity of the Epiroc parts;
  • The address where the parts should be delivered;
  • Your contact data (the telephone number and the email address).

You are welcome to place the request at any time of the day. The price quote will arrive to your inbox within 24 hours. Look it through and discuss the contract details with an AGA Parts manager.

All the spare parts for Epiroc vibratory compactors are competitively priced in our online catalog. The parts are made to order and we can deliver them to 140 different countries. When we come to an agreement with you about the contract details, we will ship the spare parts immediately.

The technical characteristics of Epiroc spare parts for vibratory compactors Hydraulic compactors manufactured by Epiroc are used for soil compaction and for making trenches and mounds. Some models can be used for installing and dismantling poles and formworks, which will improve the safety at the construction site.

The vibratory compactors are attached via an adapter or a quick release unit to the hand of the excavator. In this way, they become ready for work in an instant. Thanks to the continuous rotation device, the compactor can do the following:

  • Rotate by 360 degrees;
  • Work at any inclination in places that are hard to reach.

The power mechanism of the bearer machine (the excavator) will determine the power of the compactor. Possible overloads on the hydraulic system are prevented by the pressure control valve. The lubrication system is automatic so there is no need to lubricate the compactor manually. The simple design of the machine makes servicing it very easy.