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In the Komatsu engine range, most models are equipped with a turbocharger system. The turbocharger is designed to increase engine power: it is possible to burn more fuel due to the increased supply of compressed air (exhaust gases). The increase in pressure in the combustion chamber is proportional to the increase in the useful power of the internal combustion engine.

Some Komatsu power units are equipped with several turbochargers at once, which are connected in series. Two, three or even four turbochargers at the same time work in a certain way: one at low revs, others at high revs.

Spare parts for Komatsu turbochargers to work in all conditions

Komatsu heavy machinery would not be as efficient and popular if it were not for turbocharged engines. It is possible to extend their working life if the turbocharging components that have exhausted their resources are replaced in a timely manner.

The main devices in the design of Komatsu turbochargers are turbines and compressors. You can order these parts by part number on the AGA Parts website. The pages of our online catalog also feature:

  • turbine wheels;
  • Komatsu turbocharger housings;
  • compressor wheels;
  • bearing kits;
  • sleeves;
  • compression rings;
  • rotors;
  • fastening nuts;
  • Turbine cartridges

AGA Parts works with customers in 140 countries. Large companies and private owners of special equipment are increasingly ordering spare parts for Komatsu turbochargers from us. Original parts and high-quality aftermarket are delivered in a short time from the warehouse and on order. Durability guarantees, democratic pricing policy, a wide range of spare parts and the possibility of transport delivery to your region are the main advantages of working with AGA Parts.